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Collect data about training and sleep using your favourite apps, store this data privacy-friendly, analyse this data using scientific dashboards or your own analytic scripts, share your data and results with your team or colleagues and get more insight in your progress with personalised predictions and alerts.

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No matter which level, if you have data, you can analyse it. Are you a coach, trainer, athlete or researcher? Start today with analysing data using our platform.

The research platform with the athlete in mind

Sports data can offer insights in the performance of an athlete, but collecting and analysing this data in a way that respects data-privacy can be a challenge. This needs to be done better!

The online platform of Sport Data Valley provides a solution that enables researchers to easily capture and analyse data with less hassle, but with data-privacy ensured. Furthermore, through the platform, scientific research can be made more accessible to a broad audience.

Sport Data Valley for:


Make research easier, more efficient, more effective and more accessible by collecting, managing, analysing and securely sharing the data for your research with colleagues.

  • Built-in scientific questionnaires (including RPE, OSTRC, SQUASH).

  • Access to analysis tools via Jupyterlab (R, Python, Octave).

  • Links with popular and specific (custom) apps, sensors and data sources.

  • GDPR-proof consent workflow to securely share data with other researchers and coaches.

  • Automatically connect and combine data from questionnaires, sensors and other sources and analyse it with the connected analysis tools.

  • Personal contact with Sport Data Valley. Do you have a question? Then please contact our experts.

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Sport Data Valley for:


Make better decisions by getting insight in your athletes’ data. We give you overview and control over all data that you collect and analyse in our platform.

  • Easy administration of scientifically standardized questionnaires about sports and exercise. (E.g. RPE, OSTRC, and SQUASH).

  • Access to scientific dashboards optimized by sport and data connections with your popular software and apps such as Fitbit, Strava, Garmin, Polar and more.

  • Analyses of training sessions are visualized in a simple way in graphs and tables.

  • Combine, compare and analyse data from multiple athletes in a team.

  • Full flexibility and control by uploading effort tests, Excel files, images and videos yourself.

  • Easily and securely share your data with athletes, colleagues, teams and researchers.

  • Personal contact with Sport Data Valley. Do you have a question? Then please contact our experts.

Sport Data Valley voor coaches

Sport Data Valley for:


Perform better by understanding your workouts, activities, sleep and nutrition.

  • Enter your feedback about training yourself and share it with your coach.

  • Personalized dashboards, predictions and benchmarking (e.g. alerts for possible overtraining).

  • Clear graphs of average speed, height differences, HR zones of training sessions.

  • Connect with sources like Fitbit, Garmin and Polar also track activities, sleep and calories.

  • Digital knowledge square with Q&A, articles and search options in a network of experts.

  • Personal contact with Sport Data Valley. Do you have a question? Then please contact our experts.

Sport Data Valley voor sporters


We continuously work on adding new features and dashboards to the platform. The platform is being developed together with athletes, coaches and researchers and we’re adding new features regularly to help you get more insights out of your sports data.

Personalised dashboards for many sports

We have custom-made dashboards for cycling, running, swimming, volleybal, ice skating, tennis, soccer, basketball, wheelchair sports, fitness and more!

Connections with popular wearables

Easily collect data with a growing list of supported sources such as Fitbit, Strava, Garmin, Polar, .FIT files and CSV output from many types of motion sensors.

Secure data collection and sharing

Share data or analysis with your team, coaches or colleagues? This can be done easily and safely by creating groups.

Personalized alerts

Do you want to use data to improve sports performance? You can set personalized alerts to prevent overtraining or to get insights when you need to slow down sooner.

Built-in questionnaires

Have your group take standardized questionnaires even easier! For example for training load (RPE), injuries (OSTRC) and exercise guidelines (SQUASH).

Data analysis

You can simply analyse data in your own application via our API. Data management, overview of data and analysis tools (R, Python, Octave and more) in one place.

Personalised dashboards for many sports

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